Vaccinations are given to healthy people to help to prevent the healthy person from getting sick. However, not all vaccines are safe and or safe for certain individuals. Therefore, it would be wise to carefully consider your risks versus your benefits before taking a vaccine. According to an article, there are potential dangers lurking in vaccines. Some of the dangers that have been found in vaccines include: traces of mercury and aluminum, adverse effects in children when given multiple shots in one day, may not protect you from what you are being vaccinated for, could interfere with your immune system from protecting you naturally. According to some new research, vaccines are found to cause most common source of drug reaction in children which could lead to death. These drug reactions have been found most commonly in infants but have shown up in young children as well. The problem with vaccines is that they typically only provide a temporary or artificial cure to disease and can prevent your body’s natural immune system from fighting off diseases naturally. Other issues that tend to develop are super bugs that have mutated to fight back and as a result, renders the vaccines useless. However, it is not all doom and gloom for vaccines. According to another article, vaccines can save lives. The main purpose of a vaccine is to prevent diseases. Since the development of vaccines there has been a decrease in the rate of diseases such as: measles, mumps, smallpox, polio and tetanus. This article suggested that vaccines are safe and cost effective. You should always do your own research to determine if vaccines are right for you or your children.


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