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Rheumatoid arthritis and exercise

Rheumatoid arthritis and exercise

Until recently, the common belief about the best treatment for arthritis was rest. Today, experts advocate the controlled exercises to promote circulation and relieve inflammation.

“What do you have rheumatoid arthritis, but that’s not what has most people? … “. This is one of the misconceptions we have of this chronic disease and autoimmune inflammatory character, that every day affects more people. The another mistake is that physical exercise is counterproductive for these patients.

Most prevalent in women than in men, age of onset is usually middle age, between 40-50 years, but can also do it in childhood or adolescence.

With an unknown origin, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes inflammation in various joints of the body, usually bilaterally, preventing the patient a normal daily life, due to restrictions of mobility generated by these inflammations and especially the pain that they cause. Finally, these inflammatory processes that occur in outbreaks are disrupting the normal architecture of the patient’s joint deformities generating hindering movements even more.

In short, we are dealing with a disease that often goes completely unnoticed by all but the sufferer. You perform tasks as simple as opening a screw cap, turn the key to the front door or squeeze the hose to a gas station, it becomes mission impossible for many people daily.

The increase in cases in recent years and especially the efforts of those affected is beginning to bear the first fruits, as the health community gradually provides more tools to a group of patients for whom, until now, the best treatment was resignation and living with the pain.

These treatments, always coordinated by a physician, consist primarily of a medication to control these inflammatory processes and biological treatments performed in the laboratory, which are designed specifically for each patient … getting, as they verbalize “life-changing”.

But all this must be maintained by a multidisciplinary group, where nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and psychologists work closely together. Without ignoring them all, in this article we focus on the share of the physiotherapist and physical exercises we can do under their supervision.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

What was once a luxury of celebrities and athletes is now at your finger tips? If you have little time or will you need to put on a form, you might need to hire one. We give you the keys to pick it.

What it was once a luxury or a whim of famous athletes and is now at your fingertips. If you have little time or will you need to put on a form, you might need to hire a personal trainer. We give you the keys to pick it.

The job of a personal trainer is none other than individually monitor into shape of a person. It is not just about planning an exercise routine, but also to control other aspects, such as motivation or diet, essential for the success of the work initiated by the coach to be successful for each client, who should value professionalism, plans individual and training before opting for hiring their services.

In this sense, a personal trainer should be the key piece for your customer achieve its objectives (always realistic) more quickly and effectively, whether these weight loss, increase muscle mass, maintain fitness, promote flexibility, etc. .

So far, the figure of the personal trainer was reserved for the more privileged classes, but it does not have to be a movie star or sports to have the support of these professionals. The average cost of a session may be around 30 euros, the same as, for example, a particular kind of English. Still, late fees depend on the dedication and exclusiveness needed.

Exercise improves the prognosis of breast cancer

Exercise improves the prognosis of breast cancer

Perform regular exercise reduces the risk of relapse in patients with breast cancer and increases survival, because it stimulates and strengthens the immune system and prevents obesity.

Perform physical exercise reduces the risk of relapse in patients with breast cancer and increases survival, as explained by Dr. Laura Garcia Estevez, responsible for the Breast Unit Oncology Clara Pitched CIOCC HM Integral Center. According to this expert, sport stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body, helping to decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Prevent overweight is very important for breast cancer because the obesity can be a food for these tumors

In addition, regular physical activity helps control weight and regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar, and has positive effects on the psychological level because it reduces stress, promotes self-esteem and causes the release of endorphins, which generate pleasurable sensations.

Avoid being overweight is very important in the case of breast cancer because obesity is a source of estrogen in some cases can be a food for this type of tumors, so exercise at least three times a week helps prevent weight gain.

Ideally, according to Dr. Garcia Estevez, is to choose an exercise that women enjoy, like running or walking, swimming, dancing, etc., and if you have not previously practiced sport he is also desirable to have a personal trainer or sign up for group activities until the habit of staying active is acquired.

If the patient is fatigued as a result of cancer treatment, this specialist indicates that the activity must adapt their state and start walking as soon as possible. And to prevent lymphedema, swelling of the arm due to the accumulation of lymph fluid after removal of lymph nodes in the armpit, there are specific exercises that women should perform after surgery, and explain in the Rehabilitation Service.

30 minutes of exercise a day relieve asthma symptoms

30 minutes of exercise a day relieve asthma symptoms

Asthmatics who practice a moderate-intensity exercise for 30 minutes a day are more than twice as likely to have well-controlled asthma symptoms, according to a Canadian study.

Practice exercise moderately for 30 minutes a day can reduce the symptoms of asthma, according to a Canadian study. In fact, the results of this research show that people with asthma who do sport daily are 2.5 more likely to keep a lid such symptoms compared with patients who do not exercise.

Activities such as walking, yoga, or cycling at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce symptoms of asthma

In research that was published in BMJ Open Respiratory Research, 643 people diagnosed participated asthma whose physical activity habits were analyzed by researchers at Concordia University, the Hospital Montreal and other centers. Experts estimate that 40% of asthmatics are sedentary and in fact, 245 of the study participants admitted to not do any physical activity, and just 100 devoted to exercise 30 minutes a day.

Although asthma symptoms can be aggravated by physical exercise and, for this reason, it is generally recommended to asthmatics beware of physical activity because they could cause respiratory difficulties and attacks, the study’s lead author, Simon Bacon he explained that certain activities at moderate intensity walk, do yoga or cycling for 30 minutes a day, can have a very positive impact and significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease.

The specialist said that to prevent induced by exercise can take precautions like taking a specialized drug before physical activity and rest or freshen up later. He adds that it is important that these patients assets also remain during the winter, going for example to a gym to not be exposed to cold air (one of the triggers of asthma attacks), as the study showed that people who were constant in the practice of exercise throughout the year were the ones who benefited most.

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