Dog vaccinations

With rising costs of gas for example, many families have to cut back on what they can and cannot afford. Can you afford costly vet bills and still pay for your heating? Sadly, this is a question that many have to consider. Not every canine vaccination is truly necessary, so you do have a little room to help you reduce your vet bill.

Law requires the rabies vaccine. This is not a vaccine you can skip. The vaccine is given early and then a booster must be given every two years. Rabies is a viral disease that destroys the central nervous system.

It spreads through saliva and blood, usually from the bite of a wild animal. Signs that your dog has rabies include aggression, unusual appetite, erratic behavior, difficulty walking (staggering), excessive foam/drool from the mouth, and more.

Distemper is a virus that affects the respiratory system. The vaccine is combined with Canine Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Canine Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus. Each virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

dog vaccination with a big blue Syringe

dog vaccination with a big blue Syringe

They can develop into pneumonia and eventually death. The vaccines are given every four weeks until a puppy is about 16 weeks old. After that, some veterinarians recommend boosters that truly are not necessary. If your vet suggests boosters for these diseases, you can skip it.

The Lyme disease vaccine is recommended in many northern states where deer ticks are common. Signs of this disease include lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, and muscle/joint pain. The vaccine is given in two doses three weeks apart and then a yearly booster is given. If there is no Lyme disease in your area, skip this vaccine.

Bordatella (kennel cough) is a highly contagious respiratory disease. Symptoms include a dry cough that doesn’t seem to go away with a drink of water. If you take your dog to a groomer, a training class, kennel, or shows, you will be required to show proof of this vaccination. The vaccine is given twice yearly. If your dog stays at home, you really do not need this vaccine.

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