If your friends have ever been galavanting around the world, then you likely follow their travel blog. Through it, they show pictures and videos of their holiday, share journal updates, and also provide links and information regarding items in their posts.

Travel Blogs are a great way to follow your friends around the world. However, what if you don’t like travel? What if fashion is more your game?

Easy! Start a fashion blog! Here’s how!

First Things, First

Of course, you will want to connect with your viewers on Instagram and Facebook. However, many of these sites are blocked on corporate computers, which is when many of your readers are likely to be looking at your blog to read their way through break time.

In addition to social media, register your own .com address. Make it something catchy, but also make sure it reads well. Ideas like ‘fashionswithkathy.com’ (Fashions With Kathy) are great.

What to Wear?

People want to hear your advice and know what you’re wearing. For this reason, you need to be wearing fashionable clothes all the time, which can get expensive.

Start with the Groupon Coupons page for Soft Surroundings to pick up the latest fashion for cheap. Once you have finished here, head to outlet stores and sample sales where you can get further deals.

When to Post?

If you can, post multiple times throughout the day. Even if you are just showing pictures of your outfits. Why? To keep readers entertained. If you only post one picture a week, then your account isn’t going to be remembered. When it comes time for users to flush out their following list, yours won’t be kept.

Link, Hashtags, Anything!

If you bought your top from a local startup fashion house, be sure to include a link in your post, along with a hashtag (#) to support them. If you take some of your photos outdoors in public places, be sure to include location markers and tags for those locations. This is an excellent way to increase your impressions.

Make Money!

Once you have your links and tags established, consider speaking with the stores you buy from and link to and arrange an agreement where a portion of the profits made from sales directed from your account are paid to you.

If you have a love of fashion, share it with the world! The more fashionistas there are giving their advice, the more fashionable the world will be!