New immunization schedule 2015

Vaccine Advisory Committee (BAC) of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics updated every year the schedule of recommended vaccines within the Spanish territory on the basis of the scientific evidence on effectiveness and safety obtained by investigations throughout the year.

We bring the new calendar 2015 and proceed to discuss the changes with respect to the previous year:

Changes in relation to the calendar last year:

HPV Change in dose vaccination against human papillomavirus: 2 instead of the recommended 3 doses used until now to see which dose efficiency is not reduced.

B meningococcal meningitis B vaccine passes first to be accepted into the immunization schedule, although time is only for hospital use.

Chickenpox The chickenpox vaccine he was recommended and funded before children 12-15 months and a second dose at 2-3 years of age.

But a change in the legislation eliminated these two vaccines (without possibility of buying in pharmacies throughout Spain) and delayed to age 14 for children who have not passed the disease by then.

Meningococcal C meningococcal C vaccine happens to have a vaccination schedule: one dose at 2 and 4 months or 4 months only, one at 12 months and a third at 12 years old.