Vaccines & immune disorders

Vaccinating your child can be a difficult decision for the average parent. If your child has an underlying condition such as allergies, diabetes, cancer, or an immune disorder, vaccinations can be deadly. It is essential to know which, if any, versions of a vaccination are safe.

If you are a part to a child with allergies, many vaccinations contain allergy-prone ingredients. Milk, eggs, and gelatin are only a small sampling of the ingredients. If your child is allergic to common antibiotics (streptomycin, neomycin, or polymyxin B), avoid the polio and chickenpox vaccines.

Children who are allergic to eggs will need to skip vaccines for Yellow Fever, Influenza, and some versions of MMR. Check with your doctor as some MMR vaccines contain a miniscule amount of egg and are considered safe. Allergies to gelatin may be aggravated by vaccinations for MMR, chickenpox, and Yellow Fever.

Finally, a number of vaccines contain a small dose of mercury, though the FDA is making efforts to ban this practice. Check with your doctor if mercury is an issue to your family, as there are alternatives available.

The vaccine for DTP is safe for all underlying conditions usually. It is suggested that if either parent or a sibling has had an allergic reaction to a DTP vaccination, the shot be avoided.

Vaccines & immune disorders 1

The vaccination for Hib is not recommended for anyone who is ill for any reason. The effectiveness of this vaccine in sick children is not high, including those with diabetes. If your child has an underlying condition, it may be a good idea to skip this shot.

Vaccines for Hepatitis A and B appear to be safe for everyone. It is suggested that you talk with your child’s doctor first to choose a suitable version of the vaccine.

The Influenza vaccine is considered safe for most everyone. If your child has a cold or fever, it is important to reschedule the appointment. Also, those with Guillian-Barre Syndrome should check with their doctor, as the HAIV version can cause complications.

MMR is not recommended for those with gelatin allergies. It is also essential that those children who receive blood transfusions do not get this vaccination.

The vaccination for meningitis is not recommended for anyone under the age of eleven. It is also not recommended to seriously ill people or anyone allergic to latex.

The vaccine for Pneumococcal is relatively safe for everyone. Although, doctors recommend discussing the different versions with them, especially if your child has cancer.

The vaccine for chickenpox should not be given on the same day as the vaccine for MMR. Children with certain types of cancer should not receive this vaccine.

Currently, there are many rumors regarding the ill effects of all vaccines on children with Type 1 Diabetes. There is no proof supporting these rumors, however. Regardless, it may be an excellent idea to raise your concerns with your doctor before your diabetic child receives his or her vaccinations.

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