Vaccines in Dogs

To what age can I vaccinate my dog?

The mother of an animal crosses in pregnancy and lactation degree of immunity to their children, but this is lost over time, so a puppy is vulnerable to many diseases from 60 days old, for this reason some vaccination plans should start to apply before or after this age. For example, it is recommended to vaccinate a puppy against canine parvovirus from 45 days of age and the rabies vaccine can begin applying between 5-6 months of age.

What vaccinations for dogs exist in Chile?

In Chile there are vaccines for dogs that protect against one or more diseases at the same time, the best known are the sextuple and octuple vaccine (protecting against canine parvovirus, canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and coronavirus).

Rabies Rabies vaccine protects against that legislation is the obligation of the owner to keep your pet vaccinated against the deadly disease.

Vaccines in Dogs

What diseases can be prevented with vaccination in dogs?

Canine Parvovirus: highly contagious viral disease in dogs, the virus can survive in the environment for several months. The disease is very debilitating and can be severe or fatal in puppies. This disease causes fever, vomiting and severe bloody diarrhea.

Distemper and Canine Distemper: highly contagious among dogs, is transmitted through nasal secretions, eye of virus infected dogs, signs include fever, cough, diarrhea and vomiting, hardening of the skin on the nose and bearings Plantar; seizures, myoclonus and paralysis of the extremities may occur in the final stage of the disease.

The virus attacks the respiratory, digestive system and the nervous system, the latter can be permanently damaged even when the animal is recovered from the disease.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis: disease caused by canine adenovirus type I disease transmitted among dogs by contact with secretions from infected animals such as saliva, urine, feces. The signs are similar to the early stages of canine distemper but then there liver and kidney failure, eye damage and breathing problems, the course of the disease can be mild to fatal.

Leptospirosis is a zoonosis, that is, which can affect humans. It is a disease caused by bacteria; infected dogs develop fever in the beginning of the disease, muscle stiffness, weakness, dehydration, loss of appetite, diarrhea, respiratory distress, liver damage and kidney failure, resulting in death, or sometimes sick dogs need a long treatment period for full recovery.

Canine kennel cough or kennel cough: highly contagious among dogs, very often they live in areas where many dogs, affects the respiratory system producing a dry cough or hoarse breathing difficult, sometimes causes fever, weakness and loss of appetite.

Corona virus infection: the virus attacks the digestive system and can be fatal to puppies, signs develop rapidly and can include vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, loss of appetite and weakness.

Rabies: is a fatal and incurable viral disease affecting the central nervous system (CNS) of all mammals including humans. It is contracted through saliva or bite any infected animal. The signs are variable, the animal may have changes in their unpredictable behavior, nervousness, anxiety, aggression, excessive salivation or inability to swallow water.

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