What are vaccines

What are vaccines

Vaccines are special products, very delicate, which stimulate the immune system to generate antibodies or defenses that protect your pet from certain diseases system. Vaccines have a temporary effect on the animal and should be repeated periodically throughout the life of the pet. The veterinarian is trained to handle preparation and implementation of these sensitive products on your pet.

The number of vaccinations or vaccination plan of an animal shall be recommended by the veterinarian, since he will determine the health status and the particular situation of the pet when to vaccinate, also consider the presence of the disease in certain geographical areas which can be avoided with proper vaccination schedule.

What recommendations do when vaccinated?

We recommend deworming your pet before undergoing their first vaccination.

Once a puppy is vaccinated by the veterinarian, the puppy may have decay, a slight feverishness and pain in the area Application of the vaccine. Notify your veterinarian if this state lasts longer than 24 hours or is accompanied by other signs such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Never bathe your pet before or immediately after receiving the vaccine. Ask your veterinarian when and how to bathe her.

Keep your pet out or travel away from home before their first vaccination and 3 days after vaccination.

Never vaccinate a sick animal, weakened or decayed.

How I can keep my pet always protected?

To be successful in preventing disease, you should always observe the schedule of vaccination and deworming recommended by the veterinarian Provide your pet a balanced and adequate diet for their age and animal species, Keep your pet good hygienic conditions and the environment that surrounds it, give it a suitable environment for their physical and mental development, ensure the welfare of your pet and watch for any signs of illness.